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5 Tips To Improve Muscle Recovery

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I wrote an article on BCAA’s and how much they improve recovery and one of my readers replied with “thanks I usually am sore for 4 days after leg day”.

While being sore is ok, being sore for 4 days is not ok.

Don’t chase fatigue, chase improvement and progress.

Sadly most women love feeling worked and destroyed and they think that the more they are killed after a workout and the next day the better their training or results are going to be.

This should not be the goal.  Unless you started a new program or did the leg day from hell being this sore should not be your goal.  All of the programs in our WWLW Community are designed to get results for women.  Don’t follow programs you see on social media or magazines.

However if you are really sore here are 5 tips to improve recovery.

1.Take BCAA’s – this supplement works wonders for muscle recovery and fatigue.  It is by far one of the best supplements you can take so use them.  Read this article Top 5 Benefits Of BCAA’s.  I personally recommend Xtend BCAA.


2. Take carbs during and after your workout.  Too many women have carbophobia.  They are afraid to eat carbs, especially when trying to lose fat.  Be sure to have carbs pre and post workout.  I recommend an apple before, a banana after and some type of sugary drink with your BCAA’s during your workout.


3. Hit the bike or treadmill for 5-10 minutes.  I am not a big fan of steady state cardio but 5-10 minutes of light cardio after your leg day will help your legs recover. You can use a bike, treadmill, some light skipping or light sled work.  Anything to help improve blood flow and get things a bit looser after you train.


4. Roll out after you train.  Spending a few minutes doing soft tissue work can go a long way to improve recovery after a killer leg day. A good foam roller goes a long way.  I personally recommend Trigger Point Therapy Products.  They are the best hands down and are far better than cheap foam rollers.


5. Have a good post workout shake.  After I train I have 1-2 scoops of whey protein with a banana and mixed berries and spinach.  I also take 2 grams of vitamin C.  Don’t neglect post workout nutrition for recovery.

Give these tips a try and I hope they help you.

Coach Rob

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