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5 Benefits Of Bench Pressing With Bands

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A great bench press variation is banded bench press.

This can be done with a stretch band and a bench press.  You will need something to anchor the bands to make sure they don’t move.  Some bench press and power racks have band peg areas at the bottom. 

In this video I just used a couple of heavy dumbells. 

Make sure to not use too much resistance.  The goal is speed and stability so you want to go lighter and keep the bar moving fast.

If you want to grab a set of bands you can get more info here. I use resistance bands a lot with my athletes and in my own training.

Banded Bench Benefits:

– Work Speed Of The Chest

– Teaches tension at the bottom (on the chest)

– Improves stopping the bar on the chest (great for competition style bench with pause)

– Teaches patience at the lockout

– Somewhat easier on the joints where you don’t use heavy loads


Note: This is not a beginner exercise and is much harder than it looks.


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