Date: February 20, 2017 | Author: admin

20 Minute Conditioning Pyramid Workout

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Try this Metabolic Pyramid Conditioning Workout.

Today in my Strength Camp class every Monday we do what I call “Metabolic Monday”.

On Monday we focus more on conditioning type workouts (I hate the word “cardio”). When I coach conditioning workouts a big focus is on lifting weights faster :).

Today we did a “Pyramid” workout.  With a pyramid workout we start at a certain number of reps and work our way down.

For example for Conditioning Pyramid today we started at 10 reps and every set we reduced our reps by one.

We had a mix of the following exercises:
– Trap Bar Deadlifts
– Barbell Push Press
– TRX Row
– Single Arm Carry


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The first set you would start at 10 reps for each exercise and after completing the round your next set would be 9 reps. 

You would continue this until you worked down to 1 rep of each.

The goal tonight was for everyone to finish in under 20 minutes.  A really fast time is 15 minutes, a crazy fast time is 12:30 seconds.

Pyramid workouts are a great way to get an intense mix of conditioning and strength into one workout.

If you don’t have access to trap bars you can use a regular barbell deadlift or any other type of exercise.

The goal is to not lift heavy, it’s to lift fast.

Conditioning workouts don’t need to be long and boring.  Have some fun and mix it up and challenge yourself for time.

Do the workouts, log your time, and when you do it again try to beat your time.