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Women Who Lift Weights Strength Club

Training, Nutrition, Coaching, Programs & More Designed For Women.

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Are you training hard and still struggling to see the results you want?

If so, you’re not alone.

Have you tried program after program and just found they didn’t really work the way you thought they would?

There’s a reason.

Most of these programs were not designed for you. They have been designed by men, for well, men.

Or the ones you do find that are targeting women are how to get toned and how 20 plus reps is the only way a women should train.

Or my personal favorite, if women lift more then 5-pound weights, they’re going to get big and bulky.

I’ve been there too.

That is why we developed the Women Who Lift Weights Community.

Women Who Lift Weights Community’s goal is to help women gain the confidence and knowledge they need to really reach their goals.

You get pulled in a million different directions in the run of a day. Everyone needs some of your time and there is never enough hours in the day, so let us support YOU.

At Heavyweights, we have helped thousands of women change their lives and reach their goals. We’ve put all of knowledge and experience into a community designed just for YOU.


Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

With our Women Who Lift Weights Community you will be surrounded by positive like minded women who are all on the same mission. Get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, become more educated and also motivate each other.


Quality Information For Women Only

With our Women Who Lift Weights Community you will get info on training, nutrition, supplementation and more for women only.

Our info is a mix of programs, video, articles, images and more to help you learn the way that works best for you.



What’s Included In Your Strength Club Membership?

  • Access To ALL Our Online Programs and Challenges (a new one every month)
  • 20+ Programs
  • 25+ Nutrition Programs
  • 50+ Videos
  • 20+ Articles & Reports
  • 250 + Recipes
  • Private Facebook Community & More
  • A New Program Added Every Month
  • A New Video Added Every Day


25+ Programs To Help You Get Stronger, Build Muscle Burn Fat & Feel Amazing & More Added Every Month

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About Rob King & Women Who Lift Weights

My name is Rob King. I own a gym Heavyweights Training Center and I am a strength coach and body transformation expert.

I am also the creator of “Women Who Lift Weights” where I have helped tens of thousands of women learn more about the benefits of strength and lifting weights.

I have coached numerous women of all fitness levels from beginner lifters all the way to World Medalist Power Lifters and Bikini & Fitness Professionals.

However, recently I find that I have really been focusing on improving STRENGTH & LEAN MUSCLE in females, because I know that the way to change someone’s body the fastest is by adding lean muscle and getting rid of stubborn ugly body fat.

The fastest way to do this (especially with women), is by

  • Increasing lean muscle
  • Improving strength
  • Empowering them to lift weights CORRECTLY.

I love educating and empowering women on the benefits of strength training and lifting weights.




Robert King, CPT, CTT, CPPS,
Power Lifting Two Time Worlds Medalist, Record Holder, National & Common Wealth Champion
Strength Coach & Body Transformation Expert
Certified Personal Trainer
CTT Level 1 – Certified Turbulence Trainer
TWF Level 1 & 2 – Training For Warriors Certified Level 1 & 2
Charles Poliquin Bio-Signature Certified Level 1
CPPS Level 1 – Certified Physical Preparation Specialist
SFG (Strong First Kettlebell) Level 1
SFL (Strong First Barbell) Level 1

Get Amazing Results With Our Training & Programs



Our Strength Club is full of programs that are proven to work.

Get Stronger, Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Feel Amazing.


With our coaching, programs, and advice we have helped thousands of women at our Heavy Weights gym. They have become stronger, faster, leaner, healthier and happier. We have educated them on the benefits of lifting, and taught them how to lift weights properly and get stronger.

Our members are become stronger, build lean muscle, improve technique and become more confident, all from improving strength and lifting weights.

We look forward to sharing with you our knowledge and passion of strength and lifting weights for women and helping you become a stronger, educated and more confident version of you.

What Our WWLW Strong Club Members Have To Say

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Every month we add a new program designed for Women.

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With the WWLW Strength Club you get access to me, all my programs, my coaching and more.  All the info is deigned for women. Forget what you see in magazines and on the internet.  This info is what really works when it comes to getting stronger, building muscle, losing fat specifically designed for women.

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